Getting your booth display to the show can be your biggest worry!  Let Art Craft Display help!

Once you’ve selected your freight carrier, remove the stress by ordering Freight Handling Services.

Inbound Freight Handling includes:

  • Storage of materials up to 30 days in advance (please refer to the Advance Shipping Rules in the Exhibitor Kit)
  • Unloading of materials and delivery to exhibitor’s booth
  • One-time spotting of equipment provided exhibitor is on-site when equipment is unloaded
  • Removal and storage of empty containers
  • Return of empty containers following show
  • Reloading of materials on the outbound vehicle of the exhibitor’s choice


Outbound Freight Handling includes:

  • Return of crates at close of show
  • Removal of shipments from booth and reloading on the outgoing carrier

The Exhibitor Kit contains deadlines and forms for ordering freight handling.